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Calendar Girls at the Noel Coward Theatre

 ‘Flesh sells’ and that certainly is the only selling point of Tim Firth’s Calendar Girls. The scene where the girls get drunk as a hapless hospital porter-come-photographer tries to create the naked calendar was the only scene that evoked any kind of genuine humour.

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Decision that I may later regret……….

Inspired by recent television show ‘Eddie Izard Marathon Man’ my man and I have reached the conclusion that if he can run 6 marathons a week for several weeks then we should at least be able to do one in our lives. And assuming that our early twenties is probably going to be the peak of our bodily fitness now seems to be the time! Theres some complicated ballot system that you have to put your name down on by May 4th 2010. Then we find out in September whether we have a place or not. But providing that all works out we are planning to run the 2011 London Marathon!

So amongst theatre ramblings I will eventually be using this blog to keep the world update to date with how stupidly unfit I am – hurrah!

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Theatre Annoyances

 I have let this stew for a few days so I’m not quite as angry as I was the other day when I started thinking about this blog but I’m sure it’s going to come back to me as I write!

1) Firstly, late people! And by late people I don’t mean people who are genuinely late for a show because the train broke down and who creep in at an appropriate moment of the show. I mean people who for some odd reason think that if a show says it starts at 7.30 this is the time they should arrive. No people no! Continue reading

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Celebrity casting

paparazzi600x399I’m going to see Calendar Girls. And like most big new shows opening in London now it contains several famous names to attract audience members, including Jerry Hall and June Brown. Now all these ladies have a strong theatre background but that is not always the case, leading to this type of casting being blasted for just being superficial. Should celebrities be brought in to encourage ticket sales?


We should remember that this system isn’t new. One of the reasons I wanted to watch Calendar Girls the film, was because it starred Helen Mirren and Julie Walters and Penelope Wilton – all women that I love to watch act. And next year I am going to watch Alice in Wonderland when it comes out in the cinema not because I know it will be good, but because it’s the latest project from Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. Continue reading

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Oh Dear

Well I was going to do some blogging yesterday but I got distracted by this face:


So I didn’t! Off to the Chrsitening today. Then I will do blogging!

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Seating in Theatres

Theatre-Seats-681x342Since our visit to the Cottesloe Theatre on Monday I have been thinking a lot about the issue of restricted seating in theatres, and how much it affects a viewers experience. Continue reading

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Avenue Q at the Gielgud Theatre

Avenue Q            Musicals don’t have a strong reputation for presenting serious issues and Avenue Q is most well known for its amusing songs, but sitting in its new home at the Gielgud theatre on Monday night, it seemed to reflect current student worries about life after university quite accurately. The show’s hero, Princeton, arrives on Avenue Q having just graduated from college. His first song ‘What do you do with a B.A. in English?’ definitely does not inspire much hope for life after graduation. Continue reading

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Hello world!

I can’t believe I actually made this work!

I probably wont be using this blog so much for reviewing, I think I want to use it more to moan or be excited about various things theatre related, so please feel free to chip in!

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